Exciting News - ECS joins forces with Hudson Valley Motorcycles

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All - Please note we are super busy with the move and will do our best to return your calls and e-mails as soon as possible.

Please read the following FAQs which address key questions you may have:

  1. I see HVMC is a Ducati, Suzuki and Kawasaki dealer, ECS worked on my BMW / Triumph / MV Augusta etc. – will you still work on my bike? Yes, we will still continue to service all European Motorcycles.
  2. My bike is currently stored at ECS - is it going to be moved to HVMC? No, winter stored motorcycles will remain at ECS until picked up by the owner or delivered by ECS when appropriate. 
  3. Will you offer winter storage in the years to follow? HVMC will provide winter storage for the foreseeable future!
  4. I already have a service appointment setup, what do I do? Either you can contact Steve @ ECS or he will call you to discuss options throughout the next 2 weeks.
  5. How far is HVMC from ECS? HVMC is 43 miles from ECS in Ossining, NY, this should be convenient with 90% of our customers throughout the Tristate area.
  6. Details of pickup / drop off service for ECS customers – how far away etc.: Please call HVMC at 914-762-2722 for details
  7. I like hanging in the shop at the ECS? Can I still do that? HVMC does allow the similar policies and customers are welcome in the shop, but please be aware we are all trying to get work done and will need the same respect at HVMC with other customer's machines.
  8. What if I want to make an appointment at ECS? Please email service@hvmotorcycles.com call HVMC for all future appointments at 914-762-2722
  9. What if I have a question regarding a motorcycle serviced at ECS? Please contact Steve @ steve@hvmotorcycles.com or call HVMC and ask for Steve - 914-762-2722
  10. I want to have my bike tuned on the dyno - what do I do? Please contact Steve @ steve@hvmotorcycles.com or call and ask for Steve - 914-762-2722
  11. Will Matthew be going with Steve?
    Unfortunately Matthew will not be moving with us to HVMC but I take this opportunity to thank him for his years of dedicated service to ECS and his cheery English disposition that has so frequently entertained customers.
  12. What if I only what Steve to work on my machines? Steve will be the service manager at HVMC meaning he will be overseeing all work as well has wrenching on machines himself. All technicians at HVMC are equally qualified and we stand behind all of our work!